CPI to Present at ADIPEC 2022

The human quest for gas resources and advancement in technology are enabling exploration in previously inaccessible gas fields. Some of these newly explored gas fields are found to contain various chemistries that are creating new challenges to critical equipment like gas compressors.

CPI Lubrication Specialist, Pang-Lin Ong, will be presenting a paper to share the common failure modes in oil flooded rotary screw sour gas compressors. In this presentation, we will be sharing the various types of failures encountered during the operation of an oil flooded twin screw compressor, especially in a sour gas environment. We will be defining the different failure modes for compressors operating with hydrodynamic journal bearings and compressors that are operating with rolling element bearings.

New corrosive chemistries found in some gas fields are resulting in premature bearing failures. CPI was able to successfully identify and define the failure mode, so that new lubricants can be formulated to inhibit these failures and extend the working life of compressors.