Partnering with CPI offers unique advantages to our customers and industry partners. We maintain the agility of a small to medium-sized company, while leveraging the resources and almost 100 years of history of The Lubrizol Corporation. This combination allows us to adapt to changing market demands by leveraging the facilities, equipment, expertise, and human talent required to meet new challenges.

Expanding Capabilities

CPI continues to expand our capabilities to support the refrigeration industry. We are currently not only expanding our in-house bench performance testing, but we are currently constructing a new compressor lab at our Midland, MI facilities to perform in situ system testing. This testing should enable us to understand our customers’ systems wear, oxidation, corrosion, hydrolytic stability, and lubricant transport issues. Additionally, we are completing the construction of a fully functioning refrigeration performance testing lab in Shanghai, China. This lab will serve to reduce our response times by allowing rapid analysis and reporting.

CPI Chemistry Expertise

Technical Excellence

Our breadth of technical excellence reaches across a variety of fields. CPI not only has a fully equipped refrigeration lubricant lab capable of performing all the specialized industry testing including sealed tube stability (ASHRAE 97), floc point, miscibility, and Daniel plots (Pressure/ Viscosity/Temperature – PVT), but also has wet method capabilities to analyze any lubricant sample for degradation. CPI also has the ability to analyze a variety of new and used lubricant samples using a variety of advanced techniques, including, NMR, IR, ESIMS, GC-MS, and ICP, which complement our traditional methods. These advanced techniques allow CPI to rapidly determine the root cause of lubricant failures and identify appropriate solutions.

Extensive Testing Capabilities

CPI has spent many years in the refrigeration industry building our technical team to complement our extensive testing capabilities. Our team of chemists, engineers, and professionals have developed reputations as experts in the refrigeration industry and are available to solve problems and create custom solutions.

Our team is able to provide chemical, analytic, thermodynamic, and engineered solutions for a wide array of refrigeration systems. Our Technology, Applications, and Services (TAS) group is available to provide customer recommendations and product information, while our Strategic Research and Innovation (SRI) Group develops lubricant technology for new applications.

CPI - Lubricant Testing Resources

50 years of experience

Our 50 years of experience navigating through the changes the refrigeration industry has seen makes us an ideal partner to guide our customers through the transition to low GWP refrigerants. We are base oil agnostic, meaning that we will develop and recommend the best lubricant for a customers system rather than force-fitting an existing solution.

Our research and development team and labs have a wide range of technology at their disposal to help our customer’s make the best decision. As a division of The Lubrizol Corporation, we have access to powerful testing capabilities and a robust supply chain to develop long term lubricant solutions.